About Me

Moises Cardona studied in Calvin School Inc until 2nd grade and then moved to Colegio Santa Clara where he studied all the way up to 9th grade. In this school, he was interested in video editing, where he started recording the school shows and did several videos for his teachers. From there, he moved to a Vocational School in Trujillo Alto, where he studied Electronics. In this school, he participated in robotics program, where he used the VEX Robotics Platform. He was very active in the school fixing computers and had a very helpful character there. This led to an award in his 12th grade graduation.

He started studying at the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico in 2012, and is currently studying Computer Science. He worked with several university programs including PRIOR and Techno Inventors, along with Work and Study programs in the university where he lead the UNIX Laboratory. He has a very good relationship with the Electronics Department professors and he provides help as needed in this department.

Moises started programming at the age of 12 in Visual Basic .NET. This was later extended to include AutoIt Scripting, ActionScript, HTML, PHP, Ruby, Java, GAMBAS, C#, and C++. He has programmed robots, arduino, and other microcontroller varieties. He also develop Windows Phone and Android Apps.

Moises also likes Video Editing, and has several videos in his YouTube Channel, ranging from nature videos to robotics to sports to school projects to talent shows, and more. He opened his Videography website in July 2015, Moises Cardona Videography.

In 2014, he started Nuestra Isla: Puerto Rico, a website about Puerto Rico which includes photos and videos of its various locations. Another website started in 2014 is C++ Codes, a website that hosts several programs made in C++ for different machines and Operating Systems.