cmix_gui v1.5 released!

  • Posted on: 13 November 2018
  • By: moisesmcardona

Hi everyone,

Yesterday, Veterans Day Holiday, I was working at improving the cmix GUI software. New versions of the cmix compression software were released and so, I added support for them. cmix GUI now supports cmix_v16c, v16d, and v16e!

GUI English Screenshot

Other improvements includes fixing the log window as it seems cmix switched from using Standard Output (stdout) to Standard Error (stderr). This prevented the log from showing the output. Also, in the process, there were code improvements performed. Lastly, the software will now show the input and output file sizes after a task is finished.

Another improvement is a check for available cmix executables which will update the cmix version chooser list box. The same applies if the english.dic file is present (which should be if you downloaded the latest cmix gui release). If this file is not present, the option to use the dictionary will be greyed out and will also prevent extracting files ending with the "_dict" extension.

You can download this new version at the GitHub repository by clicking here.