Gridcoin New Users Report generator fixed for the LHC@Home project

Hi everyone,

In the past few days, I changed the URL of the stats for the LHC@Home project. They moved the links and the previous URL was no longer working. This has been fixed and LHC@Home stats are now being included in the New User Report Generator:

Additionally, There's a problem that's out of my control where the SETI@Home files seems to be corrupted or something. The software complains that the \<users> tag in the XML file seems to be bad. I suspect the files are updated at irregular times and the software is fetching an incomplete file, or the files are incorrectly being generated. Either case, I just wanted to mention that this is the reason why SETI@Home is sometimes not included in the report.

Happy BOINC mining everyone!

Click here to go to the Report Generator repo, happily developed in the Visual Basic .NET language :-)

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