Improvements to my Finished BOINC Tasks section in my website and today's Cosmology@Home rank

Hi everyone,

Today afternoon, I worked on setting up a sorting option allowing you to sort my finished BOINC tasks by date and by host, or one of them in the Finished BOINC Tasks section of my website.

The result looks like this:

You can, for example, select the tasks that's been processed today, for my AMD Ryzen machine, and you'll get this:

Note that I'm not an expert at HTML or CSS, but I've managed to bring this functionality to my site for all of you to enjoy.

This new code is available at the BOINCToWeb Repo that you can see by clicking here.

Position #8 at the Cosmology@Home challenge!

That's right! I'm already at position #8 in the Cosmology@Home challenge:

And that's why I also made the Finished BOINC Tasks section at my website, so everyone can keep track of my completed BOINC Tasks 😁, as I sometimes get asked what hardware I use to crunch tasks that allow me to go up in the leaderboards 🙂.

That's all!

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