My result from the Asteroids@Home competition and participating at the GPUGrid BOINC challenge

Hi everyone,

Today, I'd like to show you my result from the "Compete with team Gridcoin! Asteroids" challenge, in which I placed #110:

I used my Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 to process this project's workunits which are, of course, about Asteroids.

These are my statistics in the project up to today:

That number will continue to go up as tasks are still being validated:

Please note that while my credits will continue to go up, these no longer take effect to the competition since it has ended.

Moving forward:

The "Compete with team Gridcoin! GPUGRID" BOINC challenge has been running since yesterday:

The competition is for the GPUGrid BOINC project, and I'm already crunching some numbers again with my Nvidia Geforce 1060 GPU:

In fact, I've already had 2 tasks validated!

Currently, I'm at position #148 when we look at the challenge leaderboard in BOINCStats:

So here I'm looking forward to going up but most importantly, to crunch more workunits and contribute to this project.

Did you know?

I have made contributions to some scientific publications thanks to my contribution to this project's workunits:


This is my current badge in the project:

And my current credit number as well:

That's all!

(And yes, I'm one of the few users who use Microsoft Edge for browsing. Honestly, I'm liking the work Microsoft is doing to Windows 10 and I'm a proud Windows Insider user)

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