Just got Pokémon Y! (And Pokémon Red streams)

  • Posted on: 15 November 2018
  • By: moisesmcardona

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I received my copy of Pokémon Y. I already own Pokémon X digitally, so I needed to get Y to finish this generation before jumping into the Omega Ruby./Alpha Sapphire and the Sun and Moon series.

Here's the box:

Pokémon Y box

I'll be doing live streams of this game soon, as I'm currently playing Pokémon Red from the 3DS Virtual Console.

You can see the Pokémon Red streams that I've done so far below:

Introducing IPFS Local Explorer

  • Posted on: 12 November 2018
  • By: moisesmcardona

Hi everyone,

I present to you today IPFS Local Explorer:


I started coding this software yesterday, in order to work with my local IPFS storage node. It allows file upload, creating new folders, removing content, and opening the files and folders on an IPFS Gateway. It's very simple, actually, and the best part is that it's open source!

Contributing to the rav1e AV1 encoder software

  • Posted on: 25 October 2018
  • By: moisesmcardona

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I had my first experience writing code in Rust. I decided to implement 2 command-line options for the rav1e AV1 encoder software that I've been playing around for some days.

The encoder currently encodes files with a keyframe every 30 frames. This value is hardcoded into the code and can't be changed by the user unless it is changed at the code and rav1e is compiled again. Also, there is a new option which is called "Compound mode" in the source code, which can also be enabled or disabled by sending a boolean value of true or false.

New rav1e build and updated rav1e_gui (2018/10/23)

  • Posted on: 23 October 2018
  • By: moisesmcardona

Hi everyone,

Today, I've compiled the latest rav1e source code, bringing it to commit 6bfa0aa:


I'm releasing 2 versions of today's build. One which have compound mode turned on by default and another one with it disabled. The source code originally has this disabled (reorder=false). You can download both versions here: