Squashing bugs in the Google Drive Upload Tool (v1.8.2)

DLNA Player v0.2 released

Hi everyone,

Yesterday, I continued improving my DLNA Player software. It includes some improvements and also adds Google Drive support, so now you will be able to stream your music files stored in the cloud to your DLNA-Enabled device!

By going to the new Cloud menu and selecting Google Drive, you'll be presented with a convenient browser listing your files and folders, allowing you to select which files to add to the play queue.

Improvements to my Finished BOINC Tasks section in my website and today's Cosmology@Home rank

Hi everyone,

Today afternoon, I worked on setting up a sorting option allowing you to sort my finished BOINC tasks by date and by host, or one of them in the Finished BOINC Tasks section of my website.

The result looks like this:

New Gridcoin BOINC Challenge: Cosmology@Home - Installing VirtualBox and configuring the project

Hi everyone,

Today, a new BOINC challenge for the project Cosmology@Home started. This challenge was issued by Team Gridcoin:

I went ahead and added my machines to this project, only to realize I need VirtualBox installed:


My result from the Asteroids@Home competition and participating at the GPUGrid BOINC challenge

Hi everyone,

Today, I'd like to show you my result from the "Compete with team Gridcoin! Asteroids" challenge, in which I placed #110:

I used my Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 to process this project's workunits which are, of course, about Asteroids.

These are my statistics in the project up to today:

Participating at the "Compete with team Gridcoin! Asteroids" BOINC challenge

Hi everyone,

During the past few days, there's been a BOINC challenge for the Asteroids@home BOINC project in which Team Gridcoin is participating.

That also means that I'm participating in it, and you can see from this screenshot of the BOINC manager that I'm running the Asteroids@home project:

I'm crunching with an Nvidia Geforce 1060 6GB GPU.

Yet another update of the Google Drive software I wrote (v1.8.3)

Hi everyone,

Today morning, I continued working with the Google Drive Upload Tool I wrote last year.

This time, I implemented a feature that lets you know the copy progress when a file is being copied to RAM before uploading it. This required some code changes and a little refactoring.

First, the UpdateBytesSent function was updated, with a new Delegate Sub invoker for when we need to invoke certain elements. It also now requires the passing of parameters BytesSent, StatusText, and startTime:

Gridcoin New Users Report generator fixed for the LHC@Home project

Hi everyone,

In the past few days, I changed the URL of the stats for the LHC@Home project. They moved the links and the previous URL was no longer working. This has been fixed and LHC@Home stats are now being included in the New User Report Generator:

Squashing bugs in the Google Drive Upload Tool (v1.8.2)

Hi everyone,

In these days, I've been squashing bugs in the Google Drive Upload Tool software.

Bugs fixed in the latest commits are the following:

Fixed exceptions when renaming file/folder or restoring file/folder

There was an error that occurred when no file or folder was selected and attempting to rename it or restore it from the trash. The issue was fixed by checking if the Listboxes are not nothing: