Participating at the "Compete with team Gridcoin! Asteroids" BOINC challenge

Improvements to my Finished BOINC Tasks section in my website and today's Cosmology@Home rank

Hi everyone,

Today afternoon, I worked on setting up a sorting option allowing you to sort my finished BOINC tasks by date and by host, or one of them in the Finished BOINC Tasks section of my website.

The result looks like this:

New Gridcoin BOINC Challenge: Cosmology@Home - Installing VirtualBox and configuring the project

Hi everyone,

Today, a new BOINC challenge for the project Cosmology@Home started. This challenge was issued by Team Gridcoin:

I went ahead and added my machines to this project, only to realize I need VirtualBox installed:


My result from the Asteroids@Home competition and participating at the GPUGrid BOINC challenge

Hi everyone,

Today, I'd like to show you my result from the "Compete with team Gridcoin! Asteroids" challenge, in which I placed #110:

I used my Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 to process this project's workunits which are, of course, about Asteroids.

These are my statistics in the project up to today:

Participating at the "Compete with team Gridcoin! Asteroids" BOINC challenge

Hi everyone,

During the past few days, there's been a BOINC challenge for the Asteroids@home BOINC project in which Team Gridcoin is participating.

That also means that I'm participating in it, and you can see from this screenshot of the BOINC manager that I'm running the Asteroids@home project:

I'm crunching with an Nvidia Geforce 1060 6GB GPU.