PAQCompress is a Graphical User Interface for the powerful PAQ Compression software.

v0.1 Screenshot

With PAQCompress, you can compress your files using the latest PAQ versions, preferably using PAQ8PX. You can save a lot space, but at the expense of speed and RAM consumption. Hence, PAQ is great for small files, but also for big files if you have a lot of patience.

The good thing about PAQ is that it's an open source compressor and the community keeps improving it from time to time, so you can get better compression with each new release.

It is very important to always test (extract and compare) your files after compression. PAQ is an experimental software and bugs may happen, even if your files are compressed successfully.


Source Code



  • You can now drag and drop a file into the software icon


  • This release adds support for PAQ8PX v176 and PAQ8PX v177


  • Initial release