Opus GUI

Opus GUI

A GUI for Windows to encode music files to Opus:

Opus GUI v1.9
Opus GUI v1.9

The GUI is very easy to use. Just browse for a folder that contains FLAC or WAV files, then browse for an output folder, set a bitrate, and hit the Start button.

This GUI is written in Visual Basic .NET using Visual Studio 2017.

It is multi-threaded, so files will be encoded very fast!


Old versions:

opusenc.exe standalone builds

Click here to download standalone builds of opusenc.exe

Source Code



  • You can now click on the opusenc and ffmpeg version labels to copy it to your clipboard
  • When converting files that are not compatible with opusenc (MP3/M4a), and ffmpeg is not available, they will be skipped.


  • The software will now detect if opusenc.exe and ffmpeg.exe exists on your system.
  • If ffmpeg is found, it will now display the ffmpeg version


  • Supports encoding single files
  • Files that exist in the output path with the same name as the input file will be skipped and a message will be shown
  • Disabled drag and drop when an encode is in progress. Drag and drop is enabled again when the encode finish.


  • Adds support for ffmpeg encoding using libopus


  • Adds Drag and drop support into the GUI and into the software executable


  • Fixed bug that didn’t allowed specify a bitrate higher than 100kbit/s


  • Added option to enable/disable multithreading. It’s enabled by default.
  • Can now encode files to the same folder by leaving the output field blank.


  • Replaced Bitrate Textbox with a Numeric element.
  • Fixes bugs related to the Bitrate setting.


  • Current used opusenc.exe version is now displayed
  • Fixed bug when setting bitrate
  • The software will check if opusenc.exe exists at launch.


  • Initial release