The UGREEN USB to Micro USB Y Cable

Hi everyone,

Today, I received the UGREEN USB to Micro USB Y cable and I'm going to show it to you and also my use of it.

The UGREEN USB to Micro USB Y cable is a USB cable that splits into 2, and yes, you can use it to connect 2 devices simultaneously and transfer data to them because the cable acts as a USB Hub. This is the cable

USB Cable 1

Taken out of the package:

USB Cable 2

World Community Grid Statistics - September 19, 2018 - PM Report

Hi everyone,

Here's my PM report for my World Community Grid statistics on September 19, 2018.

I've returned 283 work units. I've generated 103,838 points and have ran a total of 26 days with 12 hours and 40 minutes:

PM Stats 1

Here's the stats per project:

PM Stats 2

Here's my average stats:

New opusenc.exe build with a bug fix regarding the output filename

Hi everyone,

Today, I fixed a bug in my opusenc code regarding the output filename when it is not provided.

The issue was that if a file didn't had an extension, then the output string would be empty, so in reality, the encoded file would not be stored. This has been fixed in my latest commits still awaiting approval to be merged into the official opusenc GitHub repository.

The new updated code is the following:

Source Code

Opus GUI V1.3 released and collaborating in the opus-tool GitHub repository

Hi everyone,

Today, I've released Opus GUI v1.3:

v1.3 screenshot

This build brings an option to enable or disable multithreading and also allows you to encode files to the same input folder by leaving the output textbox blank. This is in part, thanks to a few commits I've performed today and currently awaiting a Pull Request approval to merge these commits into the opus-tools repo.

Opus GUI v1.2 released!

Hi everyone,

Late yesterday, I released v1.2 of Opus GUI:

v1.2 screenshot

This new release brings several improvements. v1.1 was also released but was immediately superseded by v1.2 due to an uncorrected bitrate bug.

First, the GUI will now display the opusenc.exe version being used. This is useful because sometimes, new opusenc versions are released which I personally compile and try to see if there's new improvements to the audio files.