Precomp GUI

Precomp GUI

Precomp GUI is a Graphical User Interface for the Precomp utility. It allows you to precompress and recompress your files very easy.

Precomp GUI v0.1
Precomp GUI v0.1


  • Precompress and recompress files.
  • Supports Precomp’s 3 different precompression modes.
  • Verbose logging.

How to use?

To precompress a file:

  1. Browse for a file to precompress.
  2. Optionally, browse for a path to save the precompressed file.
  3. Choose the precompression mode.
  4. Press Start.

To recompress a file:

  1. Browse for a file to recompress.
  2. Optionally, browse for a path to save the recompressed file.
  3. Press Start.


The software currently supports precomp v0.4.7. You can download it at the project GitHub repository by clicking here.

Place precomp.exe in the Precomp GUI folder and rename it to “precomp v0.4.7.exe”.


Source Code


  • While Verbose Logging will give more output on the Log window, this will slow down the precompression or recompression as the software needs to redirect the precomp output to the log window. It is recommended not to use this option with large files.
  • Some antivirus software may give false positive warnings when precompressing or recompressing files. This is because Precomp generates temporary files which may trigger the antivirus software. It’s best to whitelist the folder where the software is located to prevent this problem. Precomp may crash when a false-positive warning is shown.

Version History


  • Initial release