TIFF Recompressor

TIFF Recompressor

TIFF Recompressor is a Windows tool that allows you to recompress your TIFF files.

TIFF Recompressor v0.1
TIFF Recompressor v0.1

Normally, the Windows Scan & Fax utility will scan your documents and use LZW to compress them. Sometimes, you can get a better compression by changing the compression method or just storing them uncompressed and use another tool (Like PAQCompress) to further compress a TIFF file for archival purposes.

TIFF Recompressor will simply store a new copy of a TIFF file with the selected compression method or store a TIFF file uncompressed if the Uncompressed method was used.

To use this tool, simply follow these steps:

  1. Drag and Drop a folder with TIFF files, or use the Browse button to select a folder.
  2. Use the second Browse button to browse for a place to store the recompressed TIFF files.
  3. Select a compression method and specify the number of threads to use. The Threads setting allows the software to process several TIFF files at the same time.
  4. Press the Recompress button.

The compression methods supported by the software are:

  • CCITT3
  • CCITT4
  • LZW
  • RLE
  • Uncompressed


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