cmix GUI

cmix GUI

cmix GUI is a front-end for the very powerful but time and memory-consuming compression software cmix. It allows you to compress files using this highly-intensive software in an easy way.

cmix_gui v1.7
cmix_gui v1.7

Features includes:

  • Compressing
  • Preprocessing
  • Extracting
  • Use of the English dictionary to improve compression
  • Support for a variety of cmix versions, up to v16f
  • Intelligent scanning of available versions to use for data compression
  • File recognition by checking the file extension and selecting the correct version to use for data extraction.
  • Fully Open Source!


Source Code

Old versions:



  • Added support for cmix_v17


  • Added cmix_v16f
  • Can now drag and drop a file into the software icon
  • Real-time log improvements


  • Adds cmix_v16e
  • Logging now works
  • Shows original and compressed/extracted/preprocessed file size after task is finished


  • Adds cmix_v16c and cmix_v16d
  • Software will check for available cmix executables and adjust the version dropdown accordingly


  • Added cmix_v15d and cmix_v15e


  • Added Clear Log Button
  • Added RAM information


  • Added log to see progress
  • Can save log to file
  • GUI will not get locked when a task is running
  • GUI will update the Output file textbox accordingly if a file or folder is manually typed in the Input file/folder textbox
  • Fixed bug that the Output filename would not be updated when using Preprocessing mode


  • Spanish language added


  • Initial release