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Announcing PAQCompress v0.4.7

Announcing PAQCompress v0.4.7

Hi everyone,

Today, I have released PAQCompress v0.4.7:

PAQCompress v0.4.7

This version adds paq8px v199. I have also updated the binaries for paq8px v198, as they may fail to work on systems not having the zlib1.dll file. The ones included in this release are completely static and do not depend on that DLL file.

Also added is an option to delete the file list when compressing files and folders using paq8px.

You can download this release on GitHub by clicking here.


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PAQCompress v0.4 has been released

PAQCompress v0.4 has been released

Hi everyone,

Today, I have released PAQCompress v0.4:

PAQCompress v0.4

This new version adds new versions of paq8px: paq8px v191, v191a, v192, v193, v193fix1 and v193fix2.

It also adds a new option to use custom-built AVX2-optimized versions. These can be a bit faster than the regular version but you’ll need to use the AVX2 version to extract the files.

There may also be compatibility issues if compressing and extracting files between CPU architectures or brand. However, if you use the same CPU, you should not have any issues. This applies mostly when using the LSTM option. However, v193fix2 should fix this issue.

PAQCompress v0.4 AVX2 option

As always, test your compressed files and do not use it for important files, as paq8px is very experimental.

You can download this new version on GitHub by clicking here.


The Western Digital 14TB Easystore Hard Disk Drive

The Western Digital 14TB Easystore Hard Disk Drive

Hi everyone,

Today, I’ll show you the 14TB Western Digital Easystore Hard Disk Drive. This is an external hard drive sold at Best Buy in the United State, and sometimes they sell them at a special price.

The drive comes with a USB 3.0 conection. It has plenty of space to store our precious data as well as allowing us to store backup copies of it. These hard drives are filled with helium which makes them not get too hot when we are using them.


The box comes with a simple presentation, usual of hard disk drives boxes:

When we open it, we see the hard drive:

On the side, we see the cables and the manual:

Disk Benchmark

I connected the drive on Windows which recognized it as a 12.7TB drive. I then went ahead and ran a benchmark using the CystalDiskMark utility. It reported over 200MB+ read/write speed:

Here’s a video of the benchmark, altough I used another drive and it reported over 170MB+. The difference was that this other 14TB drive already had data in it:


With 12.7TB reported on windows, this drive allows us to store huge amounts of data and store backups. It is very fast and comes with typical Western Digital quality. I expect this drive to hold still for a lot of years, as my previous Western Digital drives are still operating excellent.

You can buy this hard disk drive on Best Buy here.