[4K Video] Unboxing the Sony FDR-AX33 4K Video Camera

[4K Video] Unboxing the Sony FDR-AX33 4K Video Camera

Hi everyone,

Today, I’m sharing with all of you my Unboxing video of the Sony FDR-AX33, which is the 4K Camera I use to record all of my stuff since 2015 in spectacular 4K quality.

The camera is very, very good. It features a unique optical stabilizer where the lens actually moves to stabilize the image (Sony calls this system BOSS). It also records 4K videos in either 100mbit/s or 60mbit/s.

I always record my videos in the 100mbit/s mode. It does consume approximately 60-80GB per 1 hour of video, so be sure to get a large-capacity SD card. I myself use a 256GB UHS-I SD Card capable of writing at up to 90MB/s and reading at up to 95MB/s. With the 256GB SD Card, I can record up to 5 hours of 4K content continuously, unlike most smartphones, which are limited to either 5 or 10 minutes of 4K video recording.

The camera also can be charged with the included AC adapter, or by using the USB cable, but it will charge slower using the USB cable.

There’s a ring at the front of the camera that can be used for manual controls like Focus, Exposure, Aperture and White Balancing, so if you want to use the manual controls, you just have to press the “Manual” button and use the ring to adjust the settings. This is excellent because sometimes the camera will not focus on some objects and one has to either deal with it, wait for the camera to focus correctly or try to make it focus on an object, so the Manual Focus control really helps.

Overall, I’m very pleased with this camera and below the unboxing video, take a look at some posts that contain videos recorded with this camera. You’ll not be disappointed by the amazing quality this little camera has.

Videos recorded with this camera: