Opus GUI v1.2 released!

Opus GUI v1.2 released!

Hi everyone,

Late yesterday, I released v1.2 of Opus GUI:

Opus GUI v1.2 Screenshot

This new release brings several improvements. v1.1 was also released but was immediately superseded by v1.2 due to an uncorrected bitrate bug.

First, the GUI will now display the opusenc.exe version being used. This is useful because sometimes, new opusenc versions are released which I personally compile and try to see if there’s new improvements to the audio files.

Message shown when opusenc.exe is not found

The other improvement is that the software will try to detect whether opusenc.exe exists in the current folder. If not, you’ll be presented with the following message:

You should not see this message because the software already comes bundled with opusenc.exe, but it’s there just in case.

Lastly, I changed the Bitrate TextBox to an element called “NumericUpDown”, which basically allows numbers to be placed and use the increment and decrement buttons to up or down the bitrate number.

To download this release, head to the GitHub v1.2 release by clicking here.

Also remember that the source code can be seen at GitHub here.

I hope you enjoy this new release!