PAQCompress v0.4 has been released

PAQCompress v0.4 has been released

Hi everyone,

Today, I have released PAQCompress v0.4:

PAQCompress v0.4

This new version adds new versions of paq8px: paq8px v191, v191a, v192, v193, v193fix1 and v193fix2.

It also adds a new option to use custom-built AVX2-optimized versions. These can be a bit faster than the regular version but you’ll need to use the AVX2 version to extract the files.

There may also be compatibility issues if compressing and extracting files between CPU architectures or brand. However, if you use the same CPU, you should not have any issues. This applies mostly when using the LSTM option. However, v193fix2 should fix this issue.

PAQCompress v0.4 AVX2 option

As always, test your compressed files and do not use it for important files, as paq8px is very experimental.

You can download this new version on GitHub by clicking here.