Introducing rav1e_gui v1.1 and updated rav1e builds

  • Posted on: 28 October 2018
  • By: moisesmcardona

Hi everyone,

Yesterday, I released rav1e_gui v1.1. This build adds 2 new options which are related to my contribution toward the rav1e project I talked in this post. The Pull Request got accepted, so every rav1e builds coming forward will have these 2 new options:

  • Keyframe Interval - Allows you to specify a keyframe interval. Before, it was locked to one keyframe per 30 frames, but now the user can choose this interval by using the --keyint or -I flags.
  • Low Latency Mode - Enabled by default. Basically, disabling this enables frame reordering during encoding.

The GUI now adds these 2 new options and also provides another option to keep or remove the temporary files produced during encoding.


You can download this new build here, which also features today's rav1e build:

New rav1e build


The latest rav1e_gui comes with today's build, but you can also download the standalone encoder here: