Releasing PAQCompress v0.5.15

Releasing PAQCompress v0.5.15

Hi everyone,

Today, I have released PAQCompress v0.5.15:

Screenshot of PAQCompress v0.5.15
PAQCompress v0.5.15

This release adds the new compressor version paq8px v205fix1. This compressor update provides the following change:

- Fixed TEXT_FRAGMENT_MIN_SIZE to be the intended 1024

On some files, paq8px v205fix1 may compress better than paq8px v205, and vice versa. For some benchmarks, you can check the results at the forum here.

Starting with this release, PAQCompress will be released on a 7-zip Self-Extracting Archive.

PAQCompress Self-Extracting Archive.

The reason for this change is to keep the download file size low. Compressing with ZIP is not very efficient and the file size grew to over 100MB. Now, with 7-Zip, compressed with the LZMA2 method, the file size has been greatly reduced to less than 30MB. Also, since the file is now a self-extracting archive, you can extract the software in one go and update an existing installation.

Do note that when extracting this archive, it will create a PAQCompress folder. Subsequent updates can be extracted to the root folder where this PAQCompress folder is located and it will update it along with its components.

PAQCompress extracted folder.

It’s also important to announce that PAQCompress has been tested on Windows 11 for several months now, making it ready for Windows 11’s October 5 release.

You can download this new version on GitHub by clicking here.