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MP3Packer GUI v1.0 released

MP3Packer GUI v1.0 released

Hi everyone,

Today, I have released MP3Packer GUI v1.0:

MP3Packer GUI v1.0
MP3Packer GUI v1.0

This new tool allows you to recompress your MP3 files to save additional space. It can process MP3 files encoded with VBR and CBR bitrates. In both cases, you can save a couble of bytes or kilobytes, depending on the file.

MP3Packer maintains the original file tags, meaning there is no metadata loss.

MP3Packer tries to recompress the file losslessly, meaning the audio should not be changed. However, it is recommended to test the audio streams with Audio MD5 Checker to make sure they are identical.

You can download this new tool on GitHub by clicking here.

You can also see the software source code here.