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A Cardinal’s visit

A Cardinal’s visit

Hi everyone,

These days have been full of happiness as I’ve received the visit of an old friend. I’m referring to the Cardinal, which is a red-colored bird.

They come out during this time of the years, and I’m enjoying seeing a lot of animals outside. Here are some pictures I took of his visit:

Also, not sure if this is also a Cardinal (Maybe a Female cardinal?), but he/she also came to visit:

Hope you enjoyed the photos!

Preparing Dinner 2: Chicken Drumsticks

Preparing Dinner 2: Chicken Drumsticks

Hi everyone,

Today, I’d like to show you how easy is it to cook Chicken Drumsticks:

First, we defrost them and place them in the Air Fryer:

Chicken Drumsticks - 1

We then will give it 10 minutes. When it finishes, we will turn them and give them 10 minutes. We will keep doing this process until the Chicken Thights looks like this (Note that I did a quick cut to allow them to cook faster):

Chicken Drumsticks - 2

We will cook Frnech Fries if we want to, by giving them 5 minutes and turning them. Then we give them another 5 minutes:

Chicken Drumsticks - 3

Dinner is served:

Chicken Drumsticks - 4

All photos where taken with the new Samsung Galaxy S9+.

Bon appetite!