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Embalses de Puerto Rico v1.9 introduces new Dark Mode

Embalses de Puerto Rico v1.9 introduces new Dark Mode

Hi everyone

Yesterday, I published the version 1.9 of Embalses de Puerto Rico, which adds support for Dark Mode:

Now, the app will use Dark mode if your device is set to that mode.

If you want to force the app to use Light or Dark mode, regardless of the system setting, you can do that by using the all-new Theme setting:

This will override the system setting unless the System default option is selected.

Light mode is unmodified for those who would like to continue using it:

Embalses PR Light Theme Reservoir Page - Spanish

You can download or update this app in the Google Play Store, here.

With this mode, I hope your experience using the app is improved and allows you to continue monitoring the reservoir levels during these times of drought.

Meet Puerto Rico – Caonillas Dam

Meet Puerto Rico – Caonillas Dam

In this video I’m going to share with all of you today, I’ll show you the Caonillas Dam, located in Utuado, Puerto Rico. It is an amazing dam in that there is a bridge up there and when you see one side, it is full with water and the other side is where the water comes out all the way down to form a small river.

Hope you like the video!

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