The Apple USB SuperDrive Optical Drive A1379

The Apple USB SuperDrive Optical Drive A1379

Hi everyone,

Today, we will take a look at the Apple USB SuperDrive. This is a CD and DVD drive sold by Apple. The current model is A1379.

This DVD drive can read and write all standard CD and DVD formats. This includes CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW and DVD+/-R DL.

This drive compatibility is limited to some models of the Mac. However, it is compatible with Linux after using a special command line. I’ll talk about this on another post. Here, we will see the drive’s unboxing.


First, this drive came into a standard box with no branding:

Apple USB SuperDrice A1379 01

After opening it, we do see another box, showing the Apple USB SuperDrive name and drive image:

Apple USB SuperDrice A1379 02

This box comes wrapped:

The model is A1379:

Apple USB SuperDrice A1379 05

Taken out of the shrink wrap:

Opening the box shows the Apple USB SuperDrive:

Apple USB SuperDrice A1379 08

After taking it out, below, we have some documentation:

Apple USB SuperDrice A1379 09

The drive also comes with some protection wrapping:

Here’s the drive without the protective wrapping:

Finally, here’s the entire package content:

Apple USB SuperDrice A1379 15

When this drive is connected to the computer, it is identified as a Hitachi-LG (HL-DT-ST) GX50N. Below is the full drive capabilities:

Apple USB SuperDrive LG GX50N Drive Capabilities

HL-DT-ST stands for Hitachi-LG DaTa STorage. They are one of the very few Optical Drive manufacturers still making optical drives. The other 2 being Lite-On and Pioneer. All other brands are using rebranded drives from these 3 main vendors.

You can buy the Apple USB SuperDrive on Amazon using the following link:

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