Today’s Redbox Rent 1 Get 1 promo code

Today’s Redbox Rent 1 Get 1 promo code

Hi everyone,

For those movie lovers in the United States and Puerto Rico, Redbox is giving today a Rent 1 Get 1 Promotion Code, valid for both DVD and Blu-Ray rentals.

Redbox promotional code for today

This code can be used one time per credit card.

Redbox is known to send promotional codes of this type on most Mondays and sending another code via Text Message sometime in the week. They also sometimes sends promotional codes to your email and rarely they have more promotional codes like this shown in the app on other weekdays. Also, if you’re a T-Mobile user, you can sometimes find a free rental code in the T-Mobile Tuesday’s app.

A suggestion to use this code is to rent 2 DVDs or 2 Blu-Ray discs. Otherwise, if you mix a DVD and a Blu-Ray, the promotional code will only apply to the DVD instead of the Blu-Ray, making the transaction $0.20 cents more expensive.

Enjoy your rentals!