Believe it or not, Redbox has added new movies recently

Believe it or not, Redbox has added new movies recently

It seems like we never would see this day coming since those alien DVDs were added to the kiosk. Recently, Redbox has added 3 movies, 2 of which are from their own Screen Media and 1 from Magnolia Pictures.

There has been speculations of Redbox going out of business or not adding new movies. They faced financial challenges and a had a few court cases. In that, was included a Universal Pictures case which is probably responsible for some of their movies being removed a few weeks after being added to the Kiosk. There were other cases as well and due to the financial problems, Redbox was unable to secure contracts with the big studios.

Now, logically, it makes sense that Redbox’s parent company, Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, added a few movies from their Screen Media label, and this is what happened. Also added was a Magnolia Pictures film which seems Redbox either renegotiated that contract, or they didn’t had a problem with them to begin with.

The movies that recently have been added to the Kiosk are the following:

These movies are so recently added that they may be missing in a few areas. Maybe this week they will have a wider rollout.

We’ll also see if tomorrow we get to see new movies added. Redbox has not advertised anything regarding the newly added films except that they appear in the “New” section on their website.

Are you glad to see Redbox adding new movies since the start of the year?