The LG GP63EX70 External USB DVD Drive

The LG GP63EX70 External USB DVD Drive

Hi everyone,

In this post, we will be seeing the LG GP63EX70 Optical Drive. This is an external USB DVD drive sold at Walmart in the United States.

This drive is capable of reading CD and DVD, including CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD+/-R, DVD+/- R DL, DVD+/-RW and DVD-RAM. It can also write to CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+/-R, DVD+/-R DL, DVD+/-RW and DVD-RAM.

The drive is powered by USB and uses a Mini USB connector.


The drive comes in a small, almost square box:

When opened, we see the USB cable:

LG GP63EX70 03

After taking everything out, we have 3 bags: the USB Cable bag, the manuals and CyberLink DVD bag, and the DVD drive inside another bag:

LG GP63EX70 04

Let’s take a closer look at the USB cable:

LG GP63EX70 09

This cable is a Mini USB to USB-A cable:

LG GP63EX70 10

Now, let’s see the bag with the manual and software disc:

LG GP63EX70 12

After opening this bag, we have the CyberLink Media Suite DVD and the manuals:

LG GP63EX70 13

Now it’s time to see the DVD drive. It comes protected with some foams and is inside a plastic bag:

LG GP63EX70 05

After taking the drive out of the plastic bag, this is how it looks:

Finally, here is the entire package content:

LG GP63EX70 14

Drive Capabilities

Below, we can see the drive capabilities for this drive: