CPU upgrades coming in the following days!

CPU upgrades coming in the following days!

Hi everyone,

Today, I made the decision to upgrade my server CPUs.

Currently, it runs using 2x Intel Xeon X5570, which are Quad-Core CPUs running at 2.93Ghz. These CPUs consume 95W each, and has Hyper-Threading, meaning each CPU has 8 threads. This means the server currently has 8 Cores and 16 Threads.

In the following days, it will be running with 2x Intel Xeon X5670, which uses the same socket and are compatible with the hardware.

The Intel Xeon X5670 is a Six-Core CPU running at 2.93Ghz and also has Hyper-Threading, meaning each CPU has 12 threads. It also consumes 95W, so I’ll be getting an extra performance boost while still consuming the same amount of Watts. This means that the server will have 12 Cores and 24 Threads in total.

Intel X5670 shipped

You can ignore that time frame. It is very likely I’ll get the CPU on or before Friday.

What will I be doing with those extra cores?

Crunch even more BOINC workunits, of course. 😀

You may have seen my daily World Community Grid stats posts. Those numbers will greatly increase once these 2 CPUs are crunching tasks. I really like contributing to that project.

Currently, I have the 16 threads crunching tasks:

Intel X5570 BOINC