Got my Bitcoin Utopia Campaign #15 badge upgraded to Silver!

Got my Bitcoin Utopia Campaign #15 badge upgraded to Silver!

Hi everyone,

Today, I noticed my badge for the Bitcoin Utopia Campaign #15 was upgraded to Silver! 

Bitcoin Utopia Campaign #15 Silver Badge

Bitcoin Utopia is a place where your Bitcoin ASIC miners mine Bitcoin which are sent to different campaigns. It is like a crowdfunding project by using Bitcoins.

Campaign #15 is the American Cancer Society campaign, so every Bitcoin or Satoshi mined goes to them.

The Silver badge is awarded after acquiring 25 Million BOINC Credits.

Currently, Bitcoin Utopia is also running a SETI@Home campaign and a Free-DC Campaign.

Here are my stats from Bitcoin Utopia up to this point:

Bitcoin Utopia Campaign #15 Statistics

And my current badges:

Bitcoin Utopia Badge with Campaign #15 Silver Badge

you can find more of my stats for this project over here:

A complete list of badges awarded by Bitcoin Utopia can be found here:

To learn more about Bitcoin Utopia, check out their website here:

I’ll post again when my badge for this campaign gets upgraded!