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Starting the 2021 year with new Audio Gear

Starting the 2021 year with new Audio Gear

Hi everyone,

Yesterday, I wrote about how my 2020 was in terms of audio gear. Today, I’ll be talking about my initial purchases and what’s to come over the next few days and weeks.

I’m always looking to try new digital audio players and DACs mainly, followed by some headphones, usually from KZ. This year, I’m starting it with new products from Hiby, Hidizs, and Fiio. Let’s see the products below.

Hiby R2

Audio Gear 2021-01 - 4 - Hiby R2

The Hiby R2 is Hiby’s newest ultra-portable player, which has most of the features of the R3, but in a smaller body. It is able to decode and render MQA, and can stream music from Tidal via Wifi. I’m a huge user of the Hiby R3 Pro Saber, so I’m really exited to give the R2 a try!

Hidizs H1

Audio Gear 2021-01 - 1 - Hidizs H1

The Hidizs H1 is a neckband Bluetooth cable that comes with the Hidizs MS1 Rainbow. For the price, it is a real bargain, considering you get both items and also considering that most people will already have 2-pin 2.5mm or 3.5mm cables. Since I already own the Hidizs MS1 and MS4 which I backed on Kickstarter, the MS1 Rainbow is the only one I still don’t own. I also already have Hidizs’ 2.5mm and 3.5mm cables, as well as their BT01 Bluetooth cable. This means that this cable will be new in my collection. The Hidizs H1 is also compatible with the Hiby Blue app. It supports the SBC, AAC, aptX and aptX Low Latency codecs.

Hidizs H2

Audio Gear 2021-01 - 3 - Hidizs H2

The Hidizs H2 is Hidizs newest Bluetooth receiver adapter. It shares a few design details from Hiby’s own W3 adapter, having physical buttons as well as the LED which will be green or blue depending on the audio sample rate. It supports the main Bluetooth codecs, while also having support for LDAC and Hiby’s UAT codec. The Hidizs AP80 and AP80 Pro, as well as Hiby’s products already support UAT, so it is guaranteed we will have the best audio quality when listening on those products with the Hidizs H2. It also supports the Hiby Blue app and can also be used as a USB DAC.

Hidizs S9

Audio Gear 2021-01 - 2 - Hidizs S9

The Hidizs S9 is Hidizs newest DAC, sporting an AKM AK4493EQ DAC. It has both 2.5mm and 3.5mm outputs and supports up to 32bit/768Khz.

FiiO BTA30

Audio Gear 2021-01 - 5 - FiiO BTA30

The FiiO BTA30 is a Bluetooth receiver and transmitter. It claims to transmit audio using LDAC when using an optical or coax cable. My main purpose of this product is to attach it to my TV and see how much the audio quality improves and to try LDAC with it.

And that’s my initial purchased for products I should be receiving in the next couple of days. The Hidizs S9 is the product with the most far date, presumably due to AKM DACs shortage due to their factory fire. I’ll patiently wait, and I’m really looking forward to try all of these new products.

See ya on another post!

BOINCToWeb v1.2 released! Show your BOINC Tasks in your Website

BOINCToWeb v1.2 released! Show your BOINC Tasks in your Website

Hi everyone,

Today I’ve released v1.2 of BOINCToWeb, which is a tool that allows you to show your BOINC tasks in your website.

v1.2 now fetches the project list that you are participating in. This removes the need to manually check the Workunit Project URL and manually comparing it to display the Project Name. This resulted in some workunits displaying the URL instead of the Project Name because it wasn’t programmed in the software. Now, since v1.2 is fetching the project list from the BOINC client, it compares the Workunit Project Url against the Project URL of the projects you are participating in. This also results in cleaner software code.

BOINC To Web v1.2

You can check out the Source Code at the GitHub repo here.

V1.2 can be download here.

You can find the introductory post and installation guide here.

Check out my BOINC Tasks here.

Enjoy it!

20 years of Total Run Time for the World Community Grid Mapping Cancer Markers project

20 years of Total Run Time for the World Community Grid Mapping Cancer Markers project

Hi everyone,

On April 22, 2017, I got the Diamond 20 Year badge for the Mapping Cancer Markers project of World Community Grid!

This is the badge:

Mapping Cancer Markers 20 Years Diamond Badge

The message I got in BOINC informing that I got the Diamond 20 Year badge:

Mapping Cancer Markers 20 Years Diamond Badge Message in BOINC

And here are my stats as of today:

Mapping Cancer Markers 20 Years Diamond Badge in the World Community Grid Statistics

Now, I’m focused on getting the Diamond 10 Year badge for Smash Childhood Cancer, the Diamond 20 Year badge for OpenZika, Diamond 5 Year for [email protected] – Phase 2, Diamond 20 Year for Outsmart Ebola Together, and the Diamond 20 Year for [email protected] – Phase 1.

I Hope to get a new badge pretty soon!

Got my Bitcoin Utopia Campaign #15 badge upgraded to Silver!

Got my Bitcoin Utopia Campaign #15 badge upgraded to Silver!

Hi everyone,

Today, I noticed my badge for the Bitcoin Utopia Campaign #15 was upgraded to Silver! 

Bitcoin Utopia Campaign #15 Silver Badge

Bitcoin Utopia is a place where your Bitcoin ASIC miners mine Bitcoin which are sent to different campaigns. It is like a crowdfunding project by using Bitcoins.

Campaign #15 is the American Cancer Society campaign, so every Bitcoin or Satoshi mined goes to them.

The Silver badge is awarded after acquiring 25 Million BOINC Credits.

Currently, Bitcoin Utopia is also running a [email protected] campaign and a Free-DC Campaign.

Here are my stats from Bitcoin Utopia up to this point:

Bitcoin Utopia Campaign #15 Statistics

And my current badges:

Bitcoin Utopia Badge with Campaign #15 Silver Badge

you can find more of my stats for this project over here:

A complete list of badges awarded by Bitcoin Utopia can be found here:

To learn more about Bitcoin Utopia, check out their website here:

I’ll post again when my badge for this campaign gets upgraded!