GPUGrid Statistics on May 16, 2018

GPUGrid Statistics on May 16, 2018

Hi everyone,

It’s time for today’s GPUGrid stats update. We are 2 days and an hour from ending this competition in which I’m proudly participating and I’d like to share how I’m coming along in it:

GPUGrid 5-16-2018 - 1

So far, I’ve gotten 17 validated tasks in this project:

GPUGrid 5-16-2018 - 2

Now, unfortunately, I went down to position #92. Still, what matters is the contribution I’m doing to the project and even if I’m 92, I’m still listed on the first page.

GPUGrid 5-16-2018 - 3

2 more days remain in this competition, and I’ll make those 2 days count by continue crunching GPU tasks on my Nvidia GPUs 🙂.