The GPUGrid Competition results are in!

The GPUGrid Competition results are in!

Hi everyone,

Yesterday night, the Compete with team Gridcoin! GPUGRID BOINC competition ended, and today I’m sharing my results.

I reached position #80!

GPUGrid 5-18-2018 - 1

And up to today, I got 33 tasks validated. Yay!

GPUGrid 5-18-2018 - 2

I’m very happy for my contribution toward the project and the competition, and I’ll keep running this project to keep my GPUs busy while doing useful research.


Here, you can see my credits up to this point:

GPUGrid 5-18-2018 - 3

What’s next?

There’s another GPU competition coming, but unfortunately, Team Gridcoin isn’t part of it, so that means that while I can continue contributing toward the project, my stats will not be shown there because of the team not participating. However, there’s a yoyo@home competition which starts in 4 more days, in which Team Gridcoin is going to participate 😁

GPUGrid 5-18-2018 - 4

My general stats:

It’s been a long time since I posted about my stats in general, so here you can see my credits by project and how much credits I’ve been granted per project:

GPUGrid 5-18-2018 - 5

That’s basically it for this post! In 4 days, a new challenge starts and I’m ready 🙂!