Gridcoin Snapshot Generator – Release 1

Gridcoin Snapshot Generator – Release 1

Hi everyone,

Today, I wrote a new tool that aims to create Gridcoin Snapshots automatically.

Gridcoin Snapshot Generator r1

The tool is very easy to use. Just specify the filename for the snapshot and press the “Create Snapshot” button. You can also specify the amount of hours to automate this process for you.

The software works as follows:

  1. It will first close the wallet properly to prevent corruption.
  2. It will launch 7zip and compress the txleveldb and the blk0001.dat file
  3. Once the compression is finished, it will launch the wallet again.

And that’s how easy it is to use this tool 🙂

The snapshot format is as follows:
Snapshot Name Year-Month-Day Hour-Minutes-Seconds AM/PM.7z

The requisites to use this tool is to have 7zip installed in the default location at C:\Program Files\7-zip.

The tool is Open Source and you can check out the code here.

To download the tool, go here.

Hope you enjoy it!