Meet Puerto Rico – Tren Urbano

Meet Puerto Rico – Tren Urbano

Hi everyone,

In this post, I will be showing you a video of the “Tren Urbano”, which is a Heavy Rail mass transit system located in the metropolitan area in Puerto Rico. It has the following 16 stations:

  • Sagrado Corazon
  • Hato Rey
  • Roosevelt
  • Domenech
  • Piñero
  • Universidad
  • Rio Piedras
  • Cupey
  • Centro Médico
  • San Francisco
  • Las Lomas
  • Martínez Nadal
  • Torrimar
  • Jardines
  • Deportivo
  • Bayamon

It operates 4 coupled vehicles from Monday to Friday and 2 couple vehicles during the weekend and holidays. It operates via a 3rd rail which supplies the power to the trains. It had a fare of $0.75 one-way but it was raised to $1.50 due to reported losses. Two-way would be either $3.00.

The ride lasts approximately 30 minutes from the first station to the last one.

The video I’m going to show you starts after the Piñero station all the way to Bayamon. Hope you like it!

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