Opus GUI v1.8 released

Opus GUI v1.8 released

Hi everyone,

Today, I have released Opus GUI v1.8:

Opus GUI v1.8
Opus GUI v1.8

This is an improvement release. It is now able to detect whenever opusenc and FFmpeg exists in your PC. It will also now show the FFmpeg version if it exists.

Also since I didn’t made a post regarding v1.7, here are the details of the past version:

  • You can now encode individual files by browsing for it or dragging and dropping it. The output should be a folder
  • If there is a file in the output folder with the same name as the input file, it will not be encoded.
  • Drag-and-drop is disabled when encoding is in progress. After the encode finish, drag-anddrop is enabled again.

You can download this new release at the GitHub project here: https://github.com/moisesmcardona/opus_gui/releases/tag/v1.8

The source code is also available here: https://github.com/moisesmcardona/opus_gui/

Hope you like this new release!