PAQCompress v0.5.14 now available

PAQCompress v0.5.14 now available

Hi everyone,

This morning, I have released PAQCompress v0.5.14:

Screenshot of PAQCompress v0.5.14

This version adds the new PAQ8PX v205 compressor, which was released yesterday.

PAQ8PX v205 brings the following enhancements:

- Fixed TEXT detection in multi-content files. Cleaned up (a little bit) the general detection mechanism.
- Functions squash() and stretch() are now table- based and initialized by their float equivalent functions.
- Small speedup for binary files: skip adding zero inputs if exe content is not detected.
- Small speedup for text files: skip adding inputs for some contexts (in ChartModel, SparseModel, SparseBitModel).
- Slightly decreased WordModel's memory use for binary content.
- Switched from ContextMap to ContextMap2 in NestModel (without Run Stats) in IndirectModel and XMLModel (with Run Stats).
- Tuned contextmap scaling factor in WordModel and TextModel based on block type.
- Ported MRB detection, decoding and encoding from paq8pxd and added support for 1-bit images and uncompressed images.
- Moved dBase detection from RecordModel to detect() - similarly to paq8pxd.
- Improved ChartModel.
- Cosmetic: fixed assert in WordModel.
- Cosmetic: turned #define to function (rleOutputRun) and enum 'state' to scoped enum in RleFilter.hpp
- Cosmetic: removed #ifdef VERBOSE.
- Cosmetic: Utils.hpp -> SystemDefines.hpp + BlockType.hpp + CharacterNames.hpp + SIMDType.hpp.
- Updated and tidied up the help screen.

You can download this new version on GitHub by clicking here.