Some updates to my Google Drive Upload Tool code – 3/29/2017

Some updates to my Google Drive Upload Tool code – 3/29/2017

Hi everyone,

Yesterday night, I pushed some code changes to the Google Drive Upload Tool repo on Github.

Google Drive Upload Tool v1.5

The code is still in experimental stages as I have not made a release yet with the commits performed yesterday.

Some changes I’ve done with the software is that it will now check if the Folder ID is valid. If it is valid, your files will be uploaded to that folder. If not, the software will ask you if you want to change the folder. If you say no, the software will instead upload the files to the root folder in Google Drive.

Another change I did was that the software now saves the folders created while it uploads the files, so in case the software fails, or your PC reboots, the next time you launch the software it will upload the files to the correct folder. When the uploads finish, this list gets cleared to prevent conflicts with other files you may upload in the future.

Finally, the Upload button will now be disabled when you upload files to prevent accidental clicks to it, which can cause interference with the files currently being uploaded.

While there is no new release, you can test these changes by downloading the repo, opening the solution on Visual Studio 2017 and running it.

Download the source code here.

Let me know what do you think of these changes!!