Squashing bugs in the Google Drive Upload Tool (v1.8.2)

Hi everyone,

In these days, I've been squashing bugs in the Google Drive Upload Tool software.

Bugs fixed in the latest commits are the following:

Fixed exceptions when renaming file/folder or restoring file/folder

There was an error that occurred when no file or folder was selected and attempting to rename it or restore it from the trash. The issue was fixed by checking if the Listboxes are not nothing:

Link to commit

Fixed an annoying issue after pressing CTRL + \

if a file/folder name initial letter matched the shortcut key, the listboxes would select a matching file/folder. The Solution was to create a temporary variable that holds the state if a key is pressed:

Link to commit


Download the v1.8.2 bug fix release at GitHub here: https://github.com/moisesmcardona/GoogleDriveUploadTool/releases/tag/v1.8.2

You can view the source code as usual, here: https://github.com/moisesmcardona/GoogleDriveUploadTool

Enjoy the release!

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