The ALITOVE 12V 2A DC Power Supply

The ALITOVE 12V 2A DC Power Supply

Hi everyone,

Today, we’ll see the ALITOVE 12V 2A DC Power Supply.

12V Power Supply are probably the most common power voltage used to power several PC devices. They are used mostly on external Hard Disk Drives, Optical Drives, and some multi-port USB Hubs use it to adequately power its ports. They are also used on Wireless Routers.

Most of these devices comes with a 12V 1.5A, but this adapter from ALITOVE can supply up to 2A.

Unboxing the Power Supply

This Power supply came in a small, generic box.

01 - ALITOVE 12V 2A Power Adapter Box

The Power Supply is inside in a box inside the main box. We also see additional connector tips at the top of it:

02 - ALITOVE 12V 2A Power Adapter tips

The Power Supply is in a separate box:

We can see the Power Supply when we open this box:

05 - ALITOVE 12V 2A Power Adapter box opened

Contents taken out of the box:

06 - ALITOVE 12V 2A Power Adapter and tips out of the box

We can see that this Power Supply indicates it can supply 12 volts and up to 2 amps.

Testing the Power Supply

To initially test this 12V Power Supply, I took out the Barrel to Micro USB connector tip that came included in the ALITOVE 5V 3A adapter package and connected it to the adapter and a USB meter capable of working with 12V adapters. We can see it outputs about 12.1V:

07 - ALITOVE 12V 2A Power Adapter connected to USB Meter

I then connected this power supply to a 12V USB Hub, which then steps it down to 5V to provide power to its USB ports. It reports a voltage of approximately 5.35V. This is more than what you would usually expect from a USB port, but also means that on power hungry USB devices, you should have a stable power, as the voltage would drop as the current consumption increases.

08 - ALITOVE 12V 2A Power Adapter connected to 12V USB Hub

The USB meter was connected to this USB hub with 2 USB devices connected to it:

  • An external Slim Blu-Ray writer
  • A USB Audio Class 2 Digital to Analog Converter.

Another test I did was with a SATA to USB 3.0 adapter, where this power supply powered up the SATA device.


The ALITOVE 12V 2A Power Supply can supply power to a wide variety of 12V devices. In my tests, this adapter powered the tested without any issue. The addition of the connector tips means that this power adapter should be compatible with other types of 12V devices.

You can buy this Power Supply on Amazon at the following link:

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