The YOTUO External USB DVD-ROM Drive

The YOTUO External USB DVD-ROM Drive

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Today, we will be seeing the YOTUO External USB DVD-ROM Drive. This is an optical unit capable of reading various CD and DVD formats.

The formats this unit is capable of reading includes CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD+/-R, DVD+/- R DL, DVD+/-RW and DVD-RAM.

This unit uses an integrated USB cable


This drive comes in a small box:

The box has some typos in the bottom sentence:

YOTUO External DVD-ROM Drive 03

After opening the box and taking out its content, this is what we have:

YOTUO External DVD-ROM Drive 05

The DVD drive comes inside a plastic bag:

YOTUO External DVD-ROM Drive 04

Here is the drive taken out of the plastic bag:

YOTUO External DVD-ROM Drive 06

Here is how the front of it looks:

YOTUO External DVD-ROM Drive 07

And here is the bottom of the drive where the cable is held:

YOTUO External DVD-ROM Drive 08

The cable has a USB Type A connector as well as a USB Type C connector.

Here’s the entire box content with the drive out of the plastic bag:

YOTUO External DVD-ROM Drive 09

Here we have the drive with its tray opened:

YOTUO External DVD-ROM Drive 10

And a closer look to the drive tray and optical unit:

YOTUO External DVD-ROM Drive 11

Drive Capabilities

Upon connecting the drive to the computer, we see that it seems to be identified as an HP DVD D DS-8D3SH drive. The drive model seems to indicate it is a Lite-On drive running HP firmware. It is definitely a read-only CD and DVD drive.

Lite-On DS-8D3SH Drive Capabilities

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