What happened to Redbox’s Coming Soon page?

What happened to Redbox’s Coming Soon page?

If you’re like me and check Redbox’s site frequently, you may have noticed that the links to the “Coming Soon” page have been removed.

The link to the Coming Soon page can still be accessed here as of the time of this post. However, it only shows a title that will be released this Friday:

However, It seems that the kiosks still have their “Coming Soon” section and is being updated with new titles:

I’m not sure if Redbox has a plan for replacing their website’s Coming Soon page or if going forward, we will have to check the Kiosk screen. Even if this is the case, it is good to know that we will have releases coming in the next few weeks, with the exception of July 4th.

Movies Coming Soon

June 30th

  • The Man From Rome

July 11th

  • Book Club: The Next Chapter
  • Scream VI
  • Sisu

July 18

  • Love Again (2023)

July 25

  • Resident Evil: Death Island
  • Buddy Games: Spring Awakening