What’s new on Redbox? Tuesday, July 18, 2023

What’s new on Redbox? Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Hi everyone,

Today is Tuesday, and that means there are new movies at Redbox. This week, we got only a single movie: Kandahar, starring Gerard Butler. Unfortunately, we did not get Love Again that was set to be released today according to the “Coming Soon” page of the kiosk, which was also later removed from there but had expectations for it to be released. We’ll see if this movie is released some time later.

Below, we can see the movie released and their formats:



What’s next?

Unfortunately, the Coming Soon site at Redbox doesn’t show anything new at the time of this post, as seen below:

According to this image of the Kiosk, taken a few weeks ago, we have 2 titles coming soon the next week. I have to confirm if this is still the case and will keep you all updated. It does seem that titles are being shown and later removed, as was the case of “Love Again” and “Scream VI”.

Redbox Kiosk Coming Soon Page - June 27, 2023

July 25

  • Buddy Games: Spring Awakening
  • Resident Evil: Death Island

I do hope that Redbox fix their Coming Soon page, as it is easier to know what titles are coming way faster than going to the Kiosk, where I forget to click on the “Coming Soon” button just to see what is coming.

What will you be watching this week?