Yet another update of the Google Drive software I wrote (v1.8.3)

Hi everyone,

Today morning, I continued working with the Google Drive Upload Tool I wrote last year.

This time, I implemented a feature that lets you know the copy progress when a file is being copied to RAM before uploading it. This required some code changes and a little refactoring.

First, the UpdateBytesSent function was updated, with a new Delegate Sub invoker for when we need to invoke certain elements. It also now requires the passing of parameters BytesSent, StatusText, and startTime:

By doing this code rewrite, the Upload_ProgressChanged function was simplified:

As well as the Download_ProgressChanged function:

Four global variables were removed because of the code refactor:

And here's the code that handles the Progress Bar when a file is being copied to RAM:

Which also required adding a new translation item to the MsgAndDialogLang function:

Why am I focusing on RAM in the software? This allows a smoother upload experience as the file will be copied from the Hard Disk / Solid State Disk to the RAM. After this process finishes, the file will be read from RAM which is a ton faster than reading a file directly from disk. The previous version allows you to do this but it didn't updated the Progress Bar. This new build updates it and you can know that this process is running.

So, with this explaination and code being shown, here's the changelog for v1.8.3: v1.8.3 (5/6/2018) -Progress Bar now shows progress when copying file to RAM -Internal code changes / enhancements
As usual, you can download the new version with this new feature enabled at GitHub

4 commits were done today:

Hope you enjoy the new version!

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