A Bunch of LAN cables

A Bunch of LAN cables

Hi everyone,

I thought of sharing this picture today. It represents my current LAN networking setup:

2.5gbit-s network - 20221024

One of the next improvements I want to do is install a second dual 2.5gbit/s PCI Express card. This will be done once I receive a replacement Gigabyte GeForce 1030 Graphics Card, as the current one failed and the replacement is on its way back. This will free up a PCI Express slot and will allow me to install another 2.5gbit/s network card. With it, I can remove the need for that extra USB Adapter with the blue cable and move it to another machine.

This change should happen around the middle of next week, and website downtime is expected for a short time while this card, along with the replacement GPU is installed.