Aliens and UFOs will invade Redbox Kiosks next week

Aliens and UFOs will invade Redbox Kiosks next week

Hi everyone,

It seems the Aliens heard that Redbox is in trouble and will invade their kiosks next week. In a surprising update to their Coming Soon page, we have 2 titles coming on December 12th:

Redbox Coming Soon on 2023-12-12

The following titles are scheduled to be available next week at the Redbox kiosks:

  • Lizard People: The Truth About Reptilians
  • Top 25 Alien Encounters: UFO Case Files Exposed

These titles are labeled as being from a studio named UMN. I don’t recall seeing it on other discs they’ve added in the past, so maybe they have a new contract with them, or maybe this is a one-time distribution deal. Both titles seem to be documentaries.

Aliens seem to not like new movies either, as the following titles are not listed in the Coming Soon page but are expected to be released physically next week outside of Redbox:

We hope these aliens reconsider adding new films to the kiosks, but time will tell how long this invasion lasts.

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