Recent movies no longer at Redbox. What’s going on?

Recent movies no longer at Redbox. What’s going on?

Hi everyone,

While I have not been covering the latest few releases from Redbox, I noticed something strange: Recently-released movies are no longer available for rent.

Yes, that’s right. At first I thought it has to do with preventing people from renting a few new releases since they were so new and they had a Black Friday/Thanksgiving week special. However, for these past 2 weeks, the app didn’t show the movies again.

It seems that the releases since Barbie got released were removed, with the exception of that movie.

I have not been covering Redbox’s new releases because at most, we had 1 movie released almost every other week, with the exception of the week Barbie was released. That week, we had 4 movies, of which the others were removed.

The following are movies that suddenly got removed. All released by Universal/SDS (Studio Distribution Services):

  • I Heard The Bells
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3
  • Praise This
  • Shooting Stars
  • The Hill
  • The Last Voyage of the Demeter

This could be the end of Universal and SDS movies at the kiosk. Redbox announced they would stock Oppenheimer at a later date. Given this movie already got its physical release, this didn’t happen.

It seems we will not get any movies this month either, as nothing got added this week, and could probably mean the end of the Redbox kiosks, unless they have something planned for this 2024.

As of this time, Redbox’s promotional emails are promoting mostly on-demand titles and their Value Menu on their existing kiosk movie selection, but nothing as far as new physical releases.

Only time will tell what happens, but it isn’t looking good for them.

Will you miss Redbox if they definitely stop adding movies to their kiosks?