AnyTouch Blue – Control your PC by using this USB Dongle and your SmartPhone

AnyTouch Blue – Control your PC by using this USB Dongle and your SmartPhone

Hi everyone,

Today, I present you the AnyTouch Blue, which is a USB Dongle that the PC detects as several HID devices (HID devices are Mouse, Keyboard and Joysticks and means Human Interface Device). The device then connects to your Smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity and then you can start controlling your PC by using the AnyTouch Blue app.

Currently, you can get one by backing up the Kickstarter Campaign over here.

This is the device:

AnyTouch Blue - 1

I received it in this simple package:

AnyTouch Blue - 2

The package came all the way from South Korea.

Let’s take a look at the back of the box:

AnyTouch Blue - 3

And now, lets take out the AnyTouch Blue from the box:

AnyTouch Blue - 4

The instruction manual is still inside. Let’s take it out:

AnyTouch Blue - 5

The AnyTouch Blue comes very well protected, as you can see. Let’s take it out of the foam:

AnyTouch Blue - 6

Finally, we connect it to the PC:

AnyTouch Blue - 7

And connect the AnyTouch Blue to the Android app (It is also available for iOS):

AnyTouch Blue - 8

And that’s it! We can now control our PC by using our Smartphone!

I made the following two videos as well.



I hope you enjoyed this unboxing, overview, and testing video! Remember, you can get it at Kickstarter here.

And thanks to the project creator for sharing my videos in her latest update! You can see the latest project update here.

My final words about this device

The device is excellent and comes handy when there’s no mouse or keyboard around. I can see those people who works in large server farms using this to control the servers, or for those who have different machines but a single mouse and keyboard and they don’t want to move them around to control another computer. The price is very good considering the app is free and it uses Bluetooth communications. There’s almost no lag when using this product as well (See the Testing video). The team is very active and the app is updated frequently with user-requested features and bug fixes. The app is very easy to use as well and it even has a Game Pad! Oh, did I mention you can also control PowerPoint and Media Players? Yup. This is a feature-packed device I definitely recommend.

That’s all! Until next time!