Audio MD5 Checker v0.5 released!

Audio MD5 Checker v0.5 released!

Hi everyone,

Today, I have released Audio MD5 Checker v0.5:

Audio MD5 Checker v0.5

This release adds a FrameMD5 check in addition to the usual MD5 check performed to the audio stream. This makes it possible to see where the mismatches are in a file.

Here’s how to use the new MD5 feature of it:

  • All files will be checked with both MD5 and FrameMD5.
  • When the file checking finishes, double click on either the source or comparison file. The whole FrameMD5 information will be shown.
  • To show only where the MD5 mismatches occur, double click on the number shown in the “Frame Mismatch” list.

You can download this release on GitHub by clicking here.