COMeap MOLEX and SATA to Floppy FDD Power Adapter

COMeap MOLEX and SATA to Floppy FDD Power Adapter

Hi everyone,

Today, we will be seeing the COMeap MOLEX and SATA to Floppy FDD Power Adapter. These 2 cables are an adapter that can convert either a MOLEX or SATA power connector to the Floppy FDD Power connector.

Me using Floppy in 2022? Not really. I got this cable because a specific Mini PCI Express to USB 3.0 expansion card required a floppy power cable. Some PC peripherals may therefore require this connector rather than the conventional MOLEX or SATA. This seemed to be the case of the Mini PCI Express card I brought, since it is a very small form factor card. We will see this card in another post. For now, let’s take a look at this cable.

The packaging is very simple on both versions. They came in a simple anti-static bag:

1 - COMeap SATA and MOLEX to Floppy FDD Power Adapter - Cables in bag

Included are 2 cables, and a cable management velcro strap.

Both cables look the same, with the obvious exception of the MOLEX or SATA end of the cable. Other than that, it is a short cable that does what the item description says it does: Convert either a SATA or MOLEX to the Floppy power connector.

You can get these cables on Amazon at the following links:

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