FLAC GUI v1.1 released!

FLAC GUI v1.1 released!

Hi everyone,

Today, I’ve released FLAC GUI v1.1:

FLAC GUI v1.1 Screenshot

This new version includes 2 options that will further improve the compression of the FLAC files. These options are:

  • Exhaustive model search (-e flag in the flac.exe command line)
  • Exhaustively search LP coeff quantization (-p flag in the flac.exe command line)

By enabling these options in the GUI, you’ll save a few kb per FLAC files but the encoding time will be a little slower. If you don’t mind waiting a few extra seconds or minutes while wanting to save a few more KB, then these options will greatly help.

You can download the software and view the source code at the flac_gui GitHub repository by clicking here.

Hope you enjoy it!

NOTE: The FLAC executable was compiled for the x64 bit architecture. If you want to use it in a 32-bit OS, you’ll need to find a compatible FLAC version.